The story so far...

I love surprising or quirky music, but music that still contains that 'catchy' pop chorus or hook at its heart. Imogen Heap became a massive influence during Music College, shortly followed by Regina Spektor whose poetry and play on accents caught my attention. I wanted to combine the complexities of the piano (as I trained classically), with interesting lyrics (not just focused on love-yawn), but while maintaining accessibility.


One Easter holiday I decided to throw caution to the wind and actually write down the many ideas I had meandering in my mind from the age of 7. I gradually worked on organising them and within 3 weeks had written 13 songs! (I surprised myself).


I went to Fieldgate Studios to record my first album worth of 13 songs in 3 days, and was able to finally realise these compositions and share them with family and friends, who were completely amazed.


I felt vulnerable sharing such personal material, but the reaction was nothing but positive so I plucked up the courage to gig and discovered I thrived on this and felt a much bigger buzz than I ever had from playing Prokofiev or Bach...(and the compositions went down well 😊)


I was likened to Beccy Owens, then excited by her music and chuffed to receive feedback from her via Soundcloud. I have since released my first EP 'Only One' produced by George Shilling, which is gradually gaining more streams and downloads across the globe. 


My latest project is composing my second album (this will be the first one released publically as my last album was only shared with friends and family). I now have a much clearer idea and understanding of what works and absolutely love the process. In 2020 I finally took the leap, left my teaching jobs and fully dedicated myself to this profession. This has allowed me to progress so much swifter, writing a new song per week! I cannot wait to release and share my songs further afield than my nearest and dearest. Once a CD album of these songs has been produced in my home studio, we will arrange a Launch Gig for Spring 2021. Very exciting!